Possible changes for a possible future (year 2)

One year ago, on this exact same day when we celebrate Teachers’ Day in Brazil, I posted the story of Alzire Roucourt, a music teacher in Haiti. The post was about small steps and positive attitudes which led to bigger changes in the lives of kids in Haiti after the earthquake. As Roucourt pointed out, ¬†”Our children are extremely eager to learn. Even though they are young, they see education as a way out of misery, poverty and isolation.”

One year later, I’m posting another story about teachers from a public school in Brazil who share the same passion as Roucourt. The teachers from the public school Laurindo de Castro, in the rural area of Teresina, capital of Piau√≠, in the Northeast of Brazil, do what’s possible to reach a possible and better future for their students. Although¬†geographically far from Haiti, I don’t see much difference when it comes to the purpose of education and the love for their jobs. Watch video here [in Portuguese].

The school’s mission statements:

Our biggest patrimony is the learner.

Our biggest objective is to ensure the success of the learner.

Our dream is to overcome the family’s expectation.

Teachers say that promoting learners’ autonomy is essential due to the fact that about 60% of the kids’ parents can’t read or write. To ensure that every kid receives individual attention needed to reach learning goals, there are no more than 20 students per classroom. Disabled students are also welcome and they get special attention. Teachers are encouraged to give ideas and take part in the development of the school.

How can we promote change in our community, our school and among our learners in order to reach better results in education? How often do we forget about the purpose of our jobs?

Caricatures of teachers from Cultura Madalena.




Small steps lead to bigger changes. I’m happy to be part of a great group of teachers and to be able to play a role in the group’s development. It’s about being honest, transparent and to truly believe in what you do. It’s also about touching people’s heart, promoting change and also changing ourselves along the way.


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  1.   Lu Bodeman Says:

    Great post, Edu, and I loved the picture!! Lucky teachers, they are, to have you leading them. Success to you all! :)

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