Volunteers, Unite!

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Minders at the Braz-Tesol National Conference in Rio - July 2012. Picture taken from http://braztesol.org.br

A continental sized country like Brazil, with a vast number of English teachers, needs not one but various events to fulfill its teachers’ needs. This coming Friday, October 5th, there will be 3 Braz-Tesol local events happening at the same time and in three different regions: Rio, Brasília and Manaus.

As the current Braz-Tesol Pernambuco chapter president, I can’t see these events happening without the help of so many volunteers. To these teachers, who dedicate their own time to make events happen, my everlasting gratitude.

Minders at the Braz-Tesol National Conference in Rio – July 2012. Picture taken from http://braztesol.org.br


When in high school, at the American School of Recife, I heard teachers and classmates say that it wasn’t only about your GPA (Grade Point Average) but also about the ‘extra activities’ you took part as a student. Basically, it would look nice in your portfolio to have extra activites, such as volunteering for a school club or outside school for an NGO. These ‘small things’ would count a lot when applying for college.

I learned a while ago that being a volunteer, even if only to ‘look good’ in your CV, was ALWAYS positive. Now, 10+ years working in ELT, I must thank everyone who dedicates time, work and effort in organizing events, being a minder at conferences, giving webinars for free or just spreading the word about the next event. Thank you for making it all come true.

It’s because of ELT organizations, such as Braz-Tesol, that English teachers unite. It’s because of bloggers or anonymous teachers who comment on blog posts that we all develop and improve in our careers.

And, as Jeremy Harmer mentioned in the closing plenary at the ABCI 2012 Conference, we’re all in this together – aren’t we?

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I have been an English teacher since 2002, having taught different age groups, from young learners to adults and different levels too. I personally love teaching teen groups because I find them challenging and inspiring. Teens are usually full of energy and enthusiasm and I believe that these features can make them excellent language learners, it's just a matter of figuring out the best way to reach them. In 2009 I worked for Oxford University Press as a Sales Representative and Sales Consultant. Today I am an English teacher to YLs, teens and adults and I also work as a free lance consultant for OUP. This blog was created to help English teachers with ideas about the ELT world and also to post a summary of the workshops I present.

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  1. Being a volunteer takes time, energy, and, often, implies pulling money out of your own pocket to invest in a cause you believe in!

    Thanks, Eduardo, for the reminder of the vital role volunteers play in the TESOL community!

    Indeed ‘we’re all in this together’

  2. Hi Fernando,

    Thank you for leaving a comment. Being a volunteer does require all the things you mentioned above and I do agree with you – it’s about truly believing in something, a cause.

    You’re a great example of someone who dedicated time and effort to start a Braz-Tesol chapter from scratch. Thank you for inspiring me and so many others! =]

  3. Hi Eduardo

    I would like to thank you as a minder in the last 13th Braz Tesol Convention in Rio. Actually, I just saw this post now, one year ago! I really appreciate your Volunteering support, most of us worked, presented and inspired “novice” teacher as me. It’s my first “TESOL” Convention as a volunteer and also as a participant, where I learned and met great people and share ideas until today. It’s in Braz Tesol where I learned about Dogme and Teaching Unplugged, which in july, I attended the TU course in Rio with Luke Meddings. It was an amazing experience!!
    I thank you once again in the name of my friends (from all over the country), and I hope see you next year in João Pessoa.

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