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National Day on Writing was celebrated yesterday, Oct.20th. Edutopia, Figment, The Learning Network and National Writing Project teamed up to encourage everyone everywhere to tell the world #whyIwrite. Simple, isn’t it?

I’m going to post my favourite tweets under the hashtag #whyiwrite. I hope it gets more and more people inspired to start writing (or typing). I can think of many reasons why one should write, but here are my picks from Twitter:

NaNoWriMo – I write to learn, to feel alive, to change, to let my imagination run wild, to reach others, and to reach myself.

chaneldubofskybecause i’ve always wanted to know what it’s like to be someone else.

karthick62 -  Can’t fly.but the writing gives the feel

AliDMC - So I can commit murder or make love to who ever I want without the unpleasantness of jail or guilt.

shfarnsworth – I write to model for students. To be a better teacher. Add my voice to the mix!

LouMorgan - Because I never trusted the primary school teacher who told me nothing good ever came of day-dreaming.

ifanyi  – Because most people don’t really listen.

grammasherito connect, clarify, create, collaborate, connect, consider, and to continue :)

davidproenza – Because I can’t sing or dance.

wordstohangfromit’s write or lose my mind. i choose the controlled insanity, thanks.

ElliottMrs – writing opens doors like books do. writing gives birth to life, whether it’s real or fake. as life goes on, we write.

Here is my contribution:

@eltbakery – I write because I see stories and possibilities everywhere. It would be selfish to keep it all for myself.

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  1.   Ellen Says:

    I write because….I have to.

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