Vocab/Grammar consolidation with Animoto

Animoto is a web application that produces videos from user-selected photos, video clips and music. If you work with ELT, you’ve probably heard about Animoto and you’ve probably used it with your students.

If you have never used Animoto and would like to learn how to use it step by step, check Russell Stanard’s tutorial and follow him for more teacher training videos: @russell1955.

There are many different ways of using it, I’m going to post here an easy and simple way for teachers to work with it. All of these videos can be used as warmers or coolers. They’re 30 seconds long and they’ve got images I’ve found on Google. The idea is to use these videos, which are great for visual students, to consolidate vocabulary or grammar points which have been presented on the previous lesson. It’s also good to use it as a pre-language activity, before presenting the target language, so that you can check what your SS already know about the language. They’re short, fun and catchy.

I’ve posted some ideas below which can be adaptable to different levels


SPORTS This video can be used as a warmer before teaching sport vocabulary. In pairs, SS write down the sports they can see. This can be done as a competition. You can also use this video as a lead-in activity to discuss what sports they like watching on TV/playing, and so on.


Do you? (Verb Phrases) Use this video to consolidate these verb phrases with your SS. This can be used to revise not only the expressions, but it can also be adapted to practice the present continuous, past simple, etc.


Can you…? Students watch the video and write down the actions they see on the video on a chart. They can use the chart to interview friends asking them if they can/can’t do the following activities. As a follow-up activity, SS can make a venn diagram to practice speaking.



Chores: Do you have to …? This video can be used to review the vocabulary of chores/housework. SS can use it to discuss things they have to/don’t have to do at home.


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