Online Games for ELT

I attended the ABCI (Associação Brasileira de Culturas Inglesas) Conference last year in Rio de Janeiro and got some great ideas from Cultura teachers from all over Brazil.
One of the workshops I attended was Online Games designed for English learning: Classes couldn’t be more fun! by Andreia Rodrigues & Leonardo Dalbosco from Cultura Inglesa Sergipe.

Out of the 16 suggestions presented, I picked my top 8 to post onto my blog. Hope they’re useful for you when thinking about a warmer/cooler or what to do with those 5 extra minutes at the end of the lesson.

1. Spot the dragon Practice parts of the body.

2. Trolley Dash Food items  + a/an/some. Listening.

3. Spelling and typing game Practice spelling with a specific topic.

4. Excuse me, where’s the…?

5. Basketball/Golf/Vocab Builders/Phonics Games

6. Spacecraft battle (words battle)

7. Matchwords game

8. Spin off/Jeopardy quiz/Billionaire/Show down

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