Workshop at ABCI 2010


I attended the 9th ABCI Conference in Rio de Janeiro¬† from July 15th to 17th. Cultura Inglesa teachers from all over Brazil met for 3 days in Rio de Janeiro to discuss issues which concern ELT teachers. The plenary sessions were fantastic and among the keynote speakers there were Jeremy Harmer, Ben Goldstein, Marc Prensky, Graham Stanley and David Crystal. Among the workshops, plenary sessions and presentations, Technology was the most discussed topic. More than ever teachers need to stay up to date with technological advances and the tools available in order to prepare better lessons and catch up with our digital natives. It’s a road we all have to walk and there’s no turning back.

“Technology won’t replace teachers. Teachers will be replaced by teachers who know how to use technology.”

I presented a workshop at the ABCI entitled Images: The power of visual imagery to convey messages, to send affective signals and to stimulate the imagination. There were about 30 teachers present who gave excellent ideas and actively participated in the session. As I promised at the end of the session, I have uploaded my .ppt presentation into my blog for teachers to download the slides.

Download here: The Power of Images

If you have any problems downloading or any questions or comments please let me know. During the following days I’ll post the best of¬† the 9th ABCI Conference.

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